About Us
ELREKA SDN BHD it’s one of One-Stop-Services Engineering Works Contractor for Civil, Mechanical (Plumbing), and Electrical engineering (CME). We are providing to design, supply, install, and construction of our CME Works. Our services is :-
1. Civil Engineering & Construction Works
2.Steel Structure Fabrication & Installation
3.Electrical & Mechanical Installation
4.Air-Conditioning And Climate Control System & Installation
5.Pipeline and Pumps System
ELREKA SDN BHD is principally involved in the provision of telecommunication services equipped with the ability to provide service for telecommunication structure and rooftop structures to the telecommunication operators in Malaysia. Our service offering comprehensively covers services from design and optimization, infrastructure management, and other professional services.

We value relationships with the people we serve—our clients, contractors, suppliers, and associates. Together we can enhance the quality of life for all. By attracting and retaining the best professionals in our industry, we are able to maintain the highest standards and ethics. When you work with ELREKA, you will experience positive attitudes, flexibility, transparency, timeliness, and quality workmanship.

We give our employees the opportunity to develop and the freedom to make decisions, and they will succeed. Beyond technical, hands-on training, we train our staff to be equipped for work and life in the 21st century. By offering our employees knowledge, experience, know-how, and accomplishment, it is no surprise that job satisfaction and exceptional work follow.

People are our greatest resource and most asset. We value their safety above all else. Our Safety Program is rooted in the belief that when you put people first, success will follow. Our Value-Based Safety Program requires worker buy-in and global thinking, as opposed to a Priority-Based Program which emphasizes specific tasks, outcomes, and statistical results. Safety is everyone's job. We encourage employees to think of working safely as protecting their neighbors, their families, and their friends. Safety is a way of life and a constant endeavor. 

To Provide clear leadership and assist Client and their project team.

To create a project organization structure which reflects the needs of client.

To develop a  bespoke process to integrate all the requirements and reduce risk to our customers and enable the project to be delivered to GLOBAL QUALITY standard on TIME, to BUDGET, to QUALITY, and to FUNCTION.

To determine and committed to provied the very best professional services to client

To share our experience, “mistake learned” from other and past experiences with client
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